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Making Medicare Clear

Deeply Rooted in Medicare

Reaching eligibility for Medicare is a rite of passage for many Americans. The benefits it provides can be preventative as well as life changing. Getting enrolled and understanding the full range of options, however, can be overwhelming. Four Oaks Medicare Planning can help you, for FREE. We are a truly independent agency of Medicare experts who can guide you through each step of enrollment, regardless of the insurance carrier. 


Jamon White, Founder

License # 1316404

About Us

Four Oaks is a family-first insurance company. Our founders—Jamon and Paula White—are experts in Medicare who specialize in determining the most appropriate Medicare insurance plan for you. We named our company Four Oaks because that is how our neighbors know us—the house with the four oaks in the front.


Getting to know you—your history, needs, and future plans—is the best way to provide you a clear, unbiased recommendation with one of our top-rated Medicare providers. This includes a very thorough follow-up process to ensure you always understand and are kept updated with any changes. And best of all, our services are always FREE.


Paula White, Founder

License # 2394145

Our Services

In order for your Medicare benefits to be most effective, it must accurately reflect the needs of you and your family. It’s important to have a guide—someone who both understands all of the ins-and-outs of Medicare entitlements and is willing to treat you like a part of our family to ensure you receive the most appropriate benefits. You don’t want just another insurance company, you want an organization with lifelong relationships in mind, someone who can offer you Medicare options without gimmicks or fine print.


It is important to know that signing up for Medicare can be inherently complicated, with strict deadlines. Having an experienced and knowledgeable guide can make a big difference. Let Four Oaks Medicare Planning help you find the Medicare advantage with a plan built with you in mind!




Also known as “Medigap,” these supplements help cover gaps in coverage when Original Medicare Part A and Part B (e.g., deductibles and coinsurance) do not provide 100% coverage. Instead of paying out of pocket, Medigap insurance provides stability without worry for when you need medical services covered by the insurance company.



These plans, offered by private insurance companies, cover Medicare Parts A and B and also may include Part D drug benefits. These plans usually provide a network of doctors and hospitals (e.g., HMO and PPO) for you to choose from. You will usually have to pay deductibles, coinsurance, and copays for services. These plans may also offer extra services, like dental, vision, gym memberships, over-the-counter credits, and more.


(Part D)

These prescription drug plans, offered by private insurance companies, cover the prescription drugs from your local pharmacy and may be subject to deductibles, coinsurance, and copays. Medicare Part D proves useful to anyone who has ongoing prescriptions and is growing tired of the rising costs of medication.



Original Medicare does NOT cover dental exams, cleanings, and other dental services. We offer an affordable dental, hearing, and vision plan with NO NETWORKS, allowing you to choose your own doctor. Your oral health can have a direct effect on the health of your heart and the rest of your body. A healthy smile, covered by your Medicare insurance, can go a long way towards your overall health.


Don’t just take our word that we are trusted and reliable, check out what our clients have to say. 


Hear what some of our clients have to say. Just click on the video to the left to hear from actual clients.

Confident Senior Woman

"If you are looking for someone to listen to you, then share with you all the options for your health insurance needs, Jamon is number one!"

Linda C.

Confident Mature Woman

"As I approached 65, … I was completely overwhelmed. I was thrilled to learn that Jamon provided this service…I know I've put my healthcare plans in excellent hands."

Marla K.

Mature Woman

"I pay less and have better medical and prescription coverage for my needs. I give Jamon White 5 stars!"

Trish L.

Medicare Basics

Despite its complexity, Medicare is made up of four basic parts. Understanding what is included in each section helps lead to greater overall understanding, and will allow you and your family a chance at receiving medical services and prescription drugs, all from a health insurance plan that works for you!

Medicare Basics

Medicare Part A

  • Inpatient care in hospitals

  • Skilled Nursing Care

  • Hospice care

  • Home Health Care

Medicare Part B

  • Services from doctors and other health care providers

  • Outpatient care

  • Home health care

  • Durable medical equipment

  • Some preventative services 

Medicare Part C

  • Includes all benefits and services covered under Part A and Part B

  • Run by Medicare-approved private insurance companies

  • Usually includes Medicare Part D as part of the plans

  • May include extra benefits and services for an extra cost

Medicare Part D

  • Helps cover the cost of prescription drugs

  • Run by Medicare-approved private insurance companies

  • May help lower prescription drug costs

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Contact Us

Are you turning 65? Have questions about your current Medicare plan?
Our team at Four Oaks Medicare Planning is available to be your guide in deciding what Medicare insurance plan is right for you and your family.


5424 W Hwy 290 Service Road, Suite 209, Austin, Texas 78735


(At intersection of 290W and Industrial Oaks Blvd on second floor – Suite 209 – above 'ART Classes')


Austin: 512-298-5404
Toll Free: 1-800-419-8757

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