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Making Medicare Clear


Helping You Guide Your Employees and Their Families 

We are rooted in Medicare. This means we are available to guide all retirees as they make the best insurance decisions for themselves and their families. 


Did You Know?

There are employer-endorsed group MEDICARE and DENTAL PLANS available with as little as ZERO cost to the employer?

Let Us Be Your Company's Medicare Resource

  • Handle all calls and claims

  • Nationally service all retirees and spouses

  • Face-to-face service, if applicable

All At No Cost To The Employer

We Have Group Medicare and Retirement Options

  • Options for 10 or more eligible retirees/spouses

  • Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Dental

  • Personalized marketing materials

Schedule a FREE appointment to discuss all available options for your retirees! 

Contact Paula to learn more 512-298-5404

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